PREMIUM Combo Package - 3 Colors

PREMIUM Combo Package - 3 Colors

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Includes: 3x Delta Watch (Color: Black Ops, Navy Blue & Military Green), 3x Screen Protector, 3x Extra USB Charging Cable, 1x Multitool

Get 2 EXTRA Gifts: Alpha Gift + AlphaTorch
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"I love the Alpha package! The extra bands and charging cable make it so convenient to switch up my style. Plus, the included multitool was a pleasant surprise and has already come in handy. The screen protector is a nice touch too, providing extra peace of mind. Overall, a great value for everything you get!

Nick T.

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Includes: 3x Delta Watch (Color: Black Ops, Navy Blue & Military Green), 3x Screen Protector, 3x Extra USB Charging Cable, 1x Multitool

AlphaGear watches are compatible with both iOS and Android, allowing you to receive notifications from your social media apps, messages, and more. It's important to keep in mind that although you can interact with your notifications on the watch, for optimal performance, responding to phone calls is best done on your mobile device.

AlphaGear Smartwatches are well known for their durability and excellent resistance to hard impacts and harsh environments. However, all the resistant characteristics have been tested in controlled conditions. For that reason, we recommend not submitting your watch to extreme tests since some non-controlled factors could affect the actual and future performance.

We want to remind you that while our smartwatches have a water-resistant certification, it's important to avoid using them in situations where they may be fully submerged or exposed to saltwater environments. This includes swimming, diving, or taking a shower with them. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your smartwatch stays in top condition for longer.

Yes, 100%!  Stay connected and on top of your notifications with ease! You'll never miss an important call as the watch displays incoming calls and allows you to decline or answer on your phone. Keep up with your messages and social media notifications by scrolling and reading them directly on your watch. You'll have access to all major apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.Please note that while you will be able to interact with your notifications through the watch, for the best experience, you will have to reply or answer phone calls using your mobile device.

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